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Strategy Execution and Implementation
We're hit-the-road-running experts when it comes to corporate strategy. As professionals, we're respectful of the tremendous time it takes to craft a top-down strategy, but we also know that a pie-in-the-sky corporate strategy that simply sits in your board room is no strategy at all. With that in mind, we've developed fast-start tactics and techniques to immediately put those ideals to work in the day-to-day operation of your business.

We work directly with managers of all levels to ensure your strategy will be successful. We break through barriers and craft specialized plans based, not on lofty ideals, but on direct feedback from your key management personnel. We help you insure that you have the right people doing the right jobs at the right times to create optimum value, profit, and cash flow. It's all about the bottom line.

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People make profit --- and we help you connect the two. Knowing that a plethora of viewpoints builds a stronger business, we teach you to leverage the strengths of your associates while avoiding the legal cases relating to conflicts surrounding race, gender and sexuality (LGBTQI).

We position you to energize both associates and customers by implementing logical strategies focusing on workplace ethics and social responsibility. We help you create a corporate culture that seamlessly integrates company ideals with day-to-day workplace success.

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Employee Engagement
An engaged employee gives you a competitive advantage. Research shows that when your employees have their heads in the game --- both emotionally and intellectually --- their individual efforts and teamwork synergize to spike your bottom line. Corporate-appropriate ways to empower employees will help you embark on a program of cultural change that will work to sustain and grow your organizational productivity, satisfaction and engagement.

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Strategic Sales and Marketing
Sales is the constant pivot point of a viable company. Do your sales personnel understand what constitutes a profitable sale? Do they understand the implications of a rush order, of over promising to customers, or just how those impact both your bottom line and cash flow? Do you utilize tried-and-true tools to determine whether your gross profit is increasing or decreasing in relation to overall sales dollars?

We'll put your sales force in touch with moment-by-moment profitability concepts, helping you to create a stronger, more profitable organization.

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Human Resources Practice
Take the Human Resources litmus test: Is your HR strategy aligned with your corporate business objectives? As the central hub of a healthy organization, Human Resources is the pivotal business partner that connects your entire organization. We can help fine tune HR strategy with departmental and management communication. Knowing how significantly HR contributes to the bottom line of your organization; we do a top-down strategy assessment to assure your department is employing intelligent strategy that brings top-notch results.

As comprehensive Human Resources consultants, we also advise smaller companies who may not have a dedicated HR staff, but have an HR function or are in the process of building one.

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Training and Development
Hands-on, experiential learning holds the trump card. Our development and training materials strive to engage employees and build skills in areas that mirror their daily work life. We have developed classes in the following critical fields:

Financial Acumen - Using a simulation model, business/product teams within your organization compete against each other for highest shareholder value. We provide business models for all industries including, but not limited to manufacturing, pharmaceutical, banking, law and the service sector. Minimum class size: 12

Critical Thinking - Providing key employees with quality decision-making tools helps ensure your organization's growth. In today's marketplace, “good” decisions must give way to “best” decisions --- those that best impact profit and cash flow while maintaining organizational integrity. A critical class for all business leaders, this is also well-suited to the university model. Minimum class size: 10

Customer Service - This simulation focuses on the key component of any business --- its customers. A corporate-wide simulation exercise, this learning opportunity creates new patterns of thinking regarding customer satisfaction as it relates to profit.
Minimum class size: 30

Gossip - Humor is a learning tool. This tongue-in-cheek series highlights the critical, bottom-line importance of factual decision-making --- as well as the profit-killing consequences of emotion and hearsay.

Strategy - Especially suited to those setting the course of an organization, this urgently important session will focus your key management personnel on the deliberate process of strategic planning within your organization. Analytical steps to communicate and facilitate strategy throughout the organization goes hand-in-hand in this session.

Human Resources - Specifically for HR professionals, our HR Profitability program has been approved for 15 strategic credit hours through HRCI. Open programs run two – three times per year; private programs are available for 12 or more participants.

Culture/Diversity - These programs can compliment your ongoing internal cultural/diversity work being facilitated in-house or through a larger change initiative. These courses are not designed to stand alone.

Team Building - With a focus on building teams for increased performance, we offer a wide variety of activities ranging from half-day to 3-day programs. Custom-crafted learning objectives are tailored to fit your organization.

Communication - Powerful, experiential learning courses on both attentive listening and effective communication are custom-designed to expand the potential of participants. Prior consultation ensures these tailored courses meet your company's specific needs.

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