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Human Resource ProfitAbility®
A Classic Business Simulation

In this recession, HR Professionals are more challenged than ever!

  • Is your company utilizing its people to improve profit?
  • Is the HR function aligned with the company's financial objectives?
  • CEOs are looking to increase the ROI from their HR team.  Do you speak the CEOs language?

So, how do you improve your skills and understanding to answer these questions and provide value to your company so you can make a recognizable difference?

What is HR ProfitAbility
HR ProfitAbility® is an engaging and challenging board-based simulation for all HR Professionals who want to elevate their role to a business partner.

Why attend?
HR Professionals need to build skills in financial understanding, commercial acumen and business planning, and help prove ROI to the business. A must for you to attend because HR has the highest potential to impact corporate results and the bottom line! People costs, both direct and indirect, are often the largest cost in a business; they frequently account for 40%-60% of expenses. The potential for HR to contribute to financial success is enormous, but all too often not recognized, nor made to happen.

What will HR learn?
HR ProfitAbility® is designed to give a global overview of how a company works, and to make the learning of strategic planning, marketing and financial concepts as easy and enjoyable as possible. The program teaches people exactly how profit is made, how cash flow is affected and how each individual can make a difference. Using a unique, board-based simulation - which represents the workings of a company, complete with sales, marketing and financial operations - participants learn how money moves through their business with every decision they make.

What is a typical day like?
Experiential learning - or 'learning by doing' - enables HR Professionals to absorb essential concepts and transfer them directly to their workplace in the form of changed behavior. Each participant is part of a 2-4 person team, in competition with 5 other teams. Each team will make the strategic, operational and financial decisions needed to set up, run, and expand a business over a simulated period of several years. The goal is to outperform your competitors by creating more profit and value than them, while maintaining cash flow that is critical to the business.

What’s the result?
The learning outcomes are the ability to:

  • Know where and how to add value to the business
  • Confidently talk to executives about business issues, using financial terms
  • Understand how you can link corporate strategy to HR metrics and HR tasks
  • Improved personal skills: increased business acumen, improved financial comprehension and "executive" communication skills
  • Essential overview of how each business decision has a financial
  • Measure the investment in human capital and understand what
    processes drive business results
  • Understand the difference between profit and cash,
    and how to manage both
  • Create or challenge the business case for major initiatives
  • Learn to interpret income statements and balance sheets ...
    without dying of boredom!
  • Broaden your perspective by seeing a 'helicopter view' of
    how different parts of the business work

Begin your registration right now, online:


Upcoming Dates:

HR Profitability
April 3-4, 2013
September 17-18, 2013

The Management Association
3025 Highland Parkway, Suite 225
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Price per person: $895

If you would like to discuss a private program for your company (12 minimum participants) please contact Laura McAdam at 630-530-1171 or Lauramcadam[at]


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